Saluste 3 commercial building - new rental premises for production and warehousing in the end of Betooni Street!


  • The Saluste 3 commercial building has leasable units of 300-4200 m2 in size. All units can be added together or combined just the way your business requires. You can even rent half or the entire building for yourself.


    Rent will form according to the final size of space. All units have the possibility of adding office space to the premises!

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  • All units will be provided with a platform, ensuring convenient loading of goods directly into the warehouse. The height of the warehouse is 8 m.


    In addition to convenient access, there are wide paved areas around the Saluste 3 building, thanks to which even larger commercial vehicles can easily access your premises.

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  • We make business simple and convenient – if desired, there is a possibility to purchase smart storage solution, where you can manage your business remotely with a mobile phone.


    All units have cabling for internet and other communications and the tenant can choose a suitable service provider.

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  • Saluste 3 is located in a rapidly developing area, from where you can easily access both the center of Tallinn and the Tallinn roundabout. In addition, it is easily accessible for both commercial vehicles and employees.


    We will build new bus stops in the vicinity of the commercial building. The stops will be served by bus no 160. The building is located in a place, where there is very little settlement, which means you can operate without disturbing anyone.

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Saluste 3 is a modern and smart commercial building right next to the border of Tallinn. When designing the building, we have considered your wishes and needs as an entrepreneur and based on that we developed solutions that make doing business comfortable and efficient. Saluste 3 commercial building has about 23 000 m² of commercial space, which is intended mainly for warehousing and production purposes. However, every rental premise has the possibility of adding office space to it. This way you can keep all your business in one place.


The building is designed to have low ancillary costs. The energy source is an air-to-water heat pump, and the house uses economical LED lights throughout. Each unit has a separate heating and ventilation controller, which allows you to select the temperature as needed. A heat recovery ventilation system is provided for the office part of the building.


In addition, we have thought about convenient access and will build 229 parking spaces around the building, where each tenant will get their own parking spaces. Extensive loading options will be created for commercial vehicles to ensure access for larger vehicles. New bus stations will be constructed on Linnaaru Road for better access on foot.


Security is also important to us. We will install high-resolution security cameras on the perimeter of the building and add programmable access systems to ensure the utmost security. We use unit-based cabling for security equipment in the building, which means that each tenant can choose a suitable security service provider according to their wishes and preferences.


Rental premises at Saluste 3 commercial building are flexible, and by combining the units, it is possible to create a work environment that is just right for you. Rental premises go from 300 to 4200 in size but it is possible to combine the units and have a say in the floor plan. You can also rent half or the entire building if you wish. The building will be built using high-quality and modern materials that ensure low incidental costs. The rooms are characterized by high ceilings – the net height of the ceiling in the office is 4 m on the first floor, 3.7 m on the second floor. Warehouse height below the beam 8.02 m, to profile sheet up to 9.8 m.


By autumn 2020, we completed the construction of infrastructure leading to the building (roads, water and sewage connection points and street lighting). Saluste 3 commercial building has a construction permit and it’s completion has been planned to autumn of year 2022.

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Saluste3 prices and floor plans

All units can be merged or halved. Rent will form according to the final size of space. Choose the size that best fits your company! Units 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 have the opportunity of adding office space!

Unit: 1


Total area m2: 1 496.10m2

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1 462.4 6.50 1 033.70 4.20 1 496.10 4.9 7330.89
2 - 6.50 786.90 4.20 786.90 4.2 3304.98
3 - 6.50 574.60 4.20 574.60 4.2 2413.32
4 - 6.50 921.00 4.20 921.00 4.2 3868.20
5 - 6.50 1 147.90 4.20 1 147.90 4.2 4821.18
6 182.6 6.50 1 871.00 4.20 2 053.60 4.4 9035.84
7 - 6.50 1 024.10 4.20 1 024.10 4.2 4301.22
8 - 6.50 300.70 4.20 300.70 4.2 1262.94
9 147.1 6.50 2 559.10 4.20 2 706.20 - Coming soon
10 192.5 6.50 3 693.50 4.20 3 886.00 - Coming soon
11 296.8 6.50 3 895.00 4.20 4 191.80 - Coming soon
12 690.8 6.50 3 473.70 4.20 4 164.50 - Coming soon


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